Nahila Campos

250 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL, USA, 33127
Nahila was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. In Caracas, Nahila obtained her bachelor degree in Architecture from the prestigious Universidad Central de Venezuela (U.C.V). Her love for art led her to pursue a post-graduate degree in the urban-architectural faculty of the U.C.V., where she developed a thesis of art-architectural integration titled: “Art, Humanizing element of Architecture”. She continues later on with her studies through Taller Millán and the Federico Brandt Art Institute. Then and there, Nahila began to work with figurative painting, studying Pre-renacentist figures such as Giotto and Simone Martini; as well as Renacentist ones such as Filippo Lippi, borrowing their avatars to infuse them in her self-defined politically-tropical works.
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