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4 Reasons to Go on a Guided Wynwood Tour

Sure, you can enjoy Wynwood without a guide, alone, or with friends. The whole area is covered in murals, there are three or more galleries for every block, and some of the coolest bars and restaurants in town have set up shop here. Plus, there is always something new going on. So why pay to [...]

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Second Saturday Artwalk is here!

Yes, it’s August. And yes, it’s hot, but we can’t let the heat keep us locked in! Come out and party in Wynwood because Second Saturday Artwalk is around the corner -- on August 8th. Come out and see the art and the people! Dine, drink, shop, in Wynwood bars, restaurants, at the food truck [...]

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Best of Wynwood Tour with Kasey

A couple of weeks ago, I went on tour with Kasey, and I was not disappointed. She knows so much about the area and its evolution that there did not seem to be enough time to share everything she wanted to. I found the tour inspiring and inspired! A couple of highlights from the tour: [...]

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Retna in the Spotlight

Driving through Wynwood, his mural caught my eye despite the fact that like most viewers, I could not discern a single figure or understand a single symbol in it. For some reason, Retna’s work is hypnotic and beautiful. The work is a series of sometimes intertwining symbols, an invented writing. The paint sometimes runs, but [...]

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