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FIELD.EXPERIMENTS.SOUND.SIGN — richmodis dm & Gunilda Wörner at the Bakehouse
FIELD.EXPERIMENTS.SOUND.SIGN — richmodis dm & Gunilda Wörner at the Bakehouse
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Opening reception at the Bakehouse Friday, March 11, at 7 pm.

Live performance at 8 pm.

Ideas grow from richmodis dm and Gunilda Worner organically. While their work may appear conceptual, it comes from a deep furnace of subconscious, thought, feeling, experience, and inspiration. They do the work that they need to do, to say what they need to say, and not to please the viewer, yet are still grateful for and indebted to the viewer for their participation. This is their third trip bringing art to the US from Germany, and each time the work is rather radically different and fresh. The current exhibit is the result of 2 years of work, using a variety of natural settings in varying seasons, in Germany and Italy, for filming. The videos open with a scene of nature, a sunny field, a snowy sea-shore. Then a single sound is introduced, produced on a home-made string or wood instrument, and a person and a striking object are also introduced. The natural setting interacts visually and acoustically with the artists and objects. After 6 to 10 minutes, the original scene is restored. The simple yet powerful project readily invites metaphorical interpretations.