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Wynwood Art Walk Miami specializes in providing art tours in the Wynwood Art District, which is a constantly evolving art scene that sky-rocketed into international consciousness in the 2010s. We are changing our services to keep pace with the scene and provide up-to-date information on our tours, maintain contacts on the ground to better meet client needs while showcasing and employing local artists and other local talent.


We have an expansive schedule of public walking tours such as our Best of Wynwood Tour and Wynwood Graffiti Golf Cart Tour, and we provide customized private tours and graffiti painting events to families, reunions, bridal parties and more.


For your event needs or corporate meetings, we work with your group and utilize our on-the-ground contacts to find the right venue and bring your ideas into life including team-building with spray paint, live painting as entertainment, creating branded artwork, and enjoying local food. For brands interested in harnessing the draw of the art district with foot traffic rare in South Florida, we do scouting for space whether for a booth, a showcase in a gallery, or wall space for branded murals.

Call us at 305 814-9290, submit a form, or email us at info@wynwoodartwalk.com with your inquiry.

Who We Are

Our involvement in the art district goes back to about 2005 when the heart of the art district was along North Miami Avenue, and a burst of activity coalesced around Art Basel, which first came to Miami Beach in 2002. A local art space called Edge Zones hosted local talent for a period of weeks, connecting them to visiting art lovers and art buyers, and we started an online directory offering galleries, temporary art spaces, restaurants, and local community a platform. In 2008, we opened a small gallery space (currently the El Patio), experiencing first-hand being in the business of art as well as the fits and starts of the art district being born as the area hosted the monthly 2nd Saturday Art Walk. Confused phone calls from people looking to understand the Art Walk gave us the idea of doing tours in the first place, which is how our company started nearly a decade ago. In the years since, we have grown with the art district, expanding and evolving our offerings but maintaining a focus on educating visitors, sharing our love for art, honoring the efforts of local artists and those who work with them. Our tours are unscripted, our tour guides are locals, each bringing their unique approach to their tours whether they are art lovers, artists, academics or a combination.

What is the Wynwood Art District?

Wynwood is a section of Miami just north of Downtown, south of the Design District, east of I-95, and west of Biscayne Boulevard. Its genesis from neglected warehouse and homeless shelter district to international hotspot mirrors revitalization efforts in SoHo (in NYC) and South Beach in Miami. What all three have in common is Tony Goldman, the late developer. Starting in the early 2000s a handful of galleries opened up in the area, which at one point mushroomed to over 60. As commercial establishments like restaurants moved in and gentrification intensified, many galleries chose to move out, yet an ever-wider area now sports murals from the simply tagged and amateurish to the studied, otherworldly, and breath-taking. Restaurants deserve a word as well as nearly all of them are unique (as in no chains) and serve top quality cuisine from meats to Asian to authentic Mexican and more.

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General Wynwood Area

The main area of the Wynwood Art District is between 20 St & 36 St and from North Miami Ave to NW 6th Ave with NE 2nd Avenue being the main artery.

Street parking and various lots are located throughout the area. Wynwood Garage is at 311 NW 26th Street.

History of Wynwood

Wynwood – originally spelled Wyndwood – is an old inner city neighborhood of Miami surrounded by Edgewater, Overtown, Liberty City… Wynwood was built as a working class residential neighborhood, connected to the Garment District just south of it. It went through a period of neglect and was touched by racial riots. By the 2000s, artist studios were popping up, and as the neighboring Design District was starting to see rising values, developers became interested in Wynwood. The Wynwood Walls opened in 2009, and the gallery scene reached its zenith during the next 5 or so years with dozens of galleries opening and 2nd Saturday Wynwood Art Walks drawing ever growing crowds. As attendance grew, so did development, and with it came high rents that eventually drove out galleries. The area continues to grow, with multistory office and residential buildings now changing the character of the area and new restaurants opening regularly. However, the number of murals keeps growing, and it is as fun a destination as ever.